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Sales Fatigue! How to Improve Engagement and Conversion with Gamified Marketing

by Jonathan Kennedy September 02, 2016

Guest article by Daniel McGuire, CEO of Skinnyprice. Skinnyprice is the creator of Gamify, an app on Shopify, that helps improves CTR, engagement and conversions. 

Let's be honest, we all are constantly bombarded with sales promotions so often through out our day that we all now suffer from “Sales Fatigue”. From signs during your commute, innumerable mall posters, dull commercials, and unopened emails – we have evolved blinders to sales marketing. This raises the question, as marketers how do we grab, but more importantly, maintain the customer’s attention?

This is where we can use psychology to influence human behavior. Curiosity is an extremely powerful emotion that drives humans to act. Our brain gets this itch that needs to be scratched. Imagine a game show. You are presented with a contestant deciding between three doors. Could you walk away from the TV without knowing what might lay behind those doors? Of course not! Curiosity incites a ‘need to know’ in humans, in other words; our subconscious is seeking a sense of satisfaction in the form of an answer.

Curiosity is undoubtedly powerful, but is it enough? Incited alongside an additional psychological trigger we are able to become even more influential in motivating customer behavior.  We’d all be lying if we said we’ve never felt it, but the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) motivates the laziest of people to action. No one, and I mean no one, enjoys the feeling of regret upon learning the party they skipped rewarded attendees with extravagant gifts.

Couple these psychological triggers together and what do we get? What we refer to as ‘gamification’. In other words, we utilize the mechanics of games to influence increased customer engagement. Think of a slot machine at a casino or a gas station scratch off. You’re drawn in by the prospect of winning so much so that you’re willing to pay to play. What if you were able to win discounts on your favorite products without having to pay a dime?


Customer curiosity is peeked because the need to scratch that itch to know what that discount amount is.  Then, the “fear of missing out” kicks in because if they don’t spin the slot machine or scratch off the virtual scratch card then they could be missing out. No one wants to feel that. 


So with the use of the Gamify Shopify app you can now put together email campaigns or advertising campaigns that push these buttons.  Customers click the email or ad unit and are directed to a landing page that you create with the Shopify app, improving your traditional click through rate. The customer interacts with the game, on average 7X longer than if they were just shown the sale amount without any gamification step. This additional time and the effort put forth by the customer have been proven to lead to a higher conversion rate for those discount codes because customers feel they have earned the discount. 

Give it a try with your own store. Gamify is currently free while it is in beta and we are looking for feedback from storeowners on how we can improve it.



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