Out of stock, out of mind

A guest article by James Cullen of Now Back in Stock team.

Selling out your stock can be a fantastic feeling, particularly for the smaller e-commerce business owner. Those three little words are a tribute to your hard work, an indicator of success and proof of your products’ popularity. However, whilst the phrase has perhaps filled you with warmth, for your customers, it’s an irritation and somewhat of a dead end.

Many potential customers who come across an out of stock product will usually either forget about the product completely or search for an alternative seller. Some stores will hide any out of stock products to avoid this scenario, thus leading customers to believe that the store doesn’t have what they desire. However, all is not lost; remember that they came to you first, meaning that you’re their preferred choice. So, rather than missing out on sales, there are few techniques any store owner can use to notify customers once the product they browsed is back in stock.

Using stock notifications to turn dead-ends into future sales

Instead of telling the customer that the product is unavailable, a store can inform them as soon as what they are looking for becomes available. This makes the whole shopping experience much more convenient as very few customers will return to the same product page to check its availability without looking for others place to make their purchase.

When giving the customer the option to be notified, either by email or text, a business can gain a greater amount of potential returning, and more importantly, engaged customers. When you combine this concept with one of the Shopify’s apps, the marketing potential is vast. A business has the opportunity to capture valuable information about their customers and enables the business owner to give their customers the choice of further updates based on what they are interested in. It also gives the store owner a deeper insight into their customers'needs, ensuring confidence when restocking inventory.

Understanding the theory behind out of stock notifications is important, but without the correct execution, business owners and customers alike won’t be able to take full advantage of these techniques.

When it comes to user experience, especially when it comes to e-commerce, Amazon is one of the leaders in this practice. Positioning is key. Using Amazon as the primary example, the Add to Cart button is replaced with Email Me. Not only is this button in the same place, but it has the exact same aesthetics and feel as what the customer expects. Replacing what the customer expected with a very similar call to action minimizes confusion and increases the potential of a future sale.

Adding stock notifications to your Shopify store

There are many apps on the Shopify app store that provides business owners the power to let their customers know when a product is back in stock. Eastside Co’s Now Back in Stock app enables the customer to receive not only unlimited email notifications but SMS messages too, all of which is instantaneous and automated. A customer will get notified when the specific variant they wish to buy is back in stock, letting them know when their desired size or color is available. This process is extremely simple and quick to set up and once installed it does not require revisiting.

So what are you waiting for! Try out the Now Back in Stock app and never lose a customer again. We are offering a FREE 14-day trial for all business owners to witness the difference ‘Now Back in Stock’ can make to your business.





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