Increase Online Sales by Mobilizing Your Products, Stores, Dealer Networks and Marketing Campaigns

Thanks to Shopify, setting up an online shop is quite simple today, but driving sales online is challenging for most businesses. B2C CRM (customer relationship management) platforms that are exclusively designed for brands and retailers can help to drive online and offer many ready-to-go engagement strategies that you can use to:

  • Mobilize your products, stores, dealer networks and marketing campaigns
  • Reward your customers for everything, everywhere
  • Engage and excite your customers like never before
  • Generate more customer relationships and increase store visits, loyalty, referrals and sales
Reward customers, not only for paying attention but also for sales

Seth Godin, a well-known marketing guru said: “Marketing is the contest for people’s attention.” Loyalty and rewards are and important building block of these CRM platforms. Customer loyalty gets created when you can show your customers that you really want them. Now there are products available that allow you to reward your customers with loyalty points whenever they pay attention and for many more valuable activities. For example:

  • When they buy your products in your Shopify store or in other stores
  • When they visit your physical stores / POS
  • When they show proof of a purchase by uploading a cash receipt
  • When they watch your videos on Youtube
  • When they pay attention to your TV, radio and print ads
  • When they read your news on Facebook or social media
  • When they re-tweet your tweets on Twitter   
  • When they visit your events, websites, festivals, and conferences
Use a viral referral system to reward your customers for referrals

You can reward your customers with loyalty points whenever they refer you to their friends, family, and colleagues. And you can motivate them to keep their friends active and influence their buying decisions in your favor. You can do this easily by giving them an additional loyalty point for every point their friends collect.

Offer attractive loyalty rewards in your Shopify store

Your customers can collect loyalty points many different ways. Once they have enough points, they can use a mobile app to redeem their collected loyalty points for attractive loyalty rewards. Such rewards could be Shopify discount codes.

Welcome gifts

One time welcome gifts are a great way to motivate your customers to visit your Shopify store and place an order. You can set up many different gifts for your customers to choose from and once they picked their favorite, all other gifts disappear. Today’s products have special features and device authentication that make sure that each customer can only redeem one welcome gift, not many.

Run fully automated daily instant prize draws with thousands of winners

Prize draws are a great way to attract large numbers of customers. But they have to be good, which means: They don’t want to fill out lengthy forms and they don’t want to wait 3 months until they hear back from you. They want easy, quick and daily participation. They want instant notification and prize pick-up and they want to participate every day.

Today’s products allow you to create prize draws that customers truly love, that are fully automated and do not produce additional work on your end. You can use them to create thousands of winners every day and drive significant traffic to your Shopify store.

Your customers will love to participate because they can easily participate by pushing a button, by scanning a QR code or by typing an action code. You can distribute these codes on your products, posters, TV ads or other marketing channels. Your customers get instant notification on whether they’ve won or not and they can pick up their prize immediately in your Shopify store. If they don’t pick up their prize within a certain timeframe it automatically goes back to the prize pot and can be won by others.

Your customers can also use their loyalty points to participate in instant prize draws. These prize draws are a highly effective strategy to increase engagement, store visits, and customer loyalty.

Send news, coupons and personalized offers directly to your customer’s smartphones

Customers want to be treated personally and feel special. You can do that, by sending the right message directly to the right customer’s smartphone at the right time. This can be news about your products and company, personal offers, new loyalty rewards, great new prizes and much more. Use crystal-clear reports to measure the success of your campaigns in real time and adjust accordingly.

The author, Dirk Schlenzig is CEO and co-founder of MyFavorito, the B2C CRM platform for customer-loving brands and retailers to build highly active, personal relationships with their millions of customers and increase engagement, store visits, loyalty, referrals, sales, and growth significantly.



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