How to Save Time and Make More Money while Chatting with Visitors

A guest article by the Smartsupp team, a powerful live chat service to get in personal contact with your customers. 

Chatting with your visitors in real-time is nothing new under the sun. There is a lot of chat tools out there, but many stores don’t really use them as effectively as they could.

Chat apps nowadays have a lot of features to improve (and measure) your sales and also save precious time while doing customer support. So we decided to share a few handy tips with you on how to improve chat communication with your visitors.

Learn from your customers

With live chat, you are able to get more insights about your customers. Learn from your visitor where they need help or more information. This gives you details where you could optimize your content and where more pictures could help to sell more. You are also able to learn where your user experience is problematic.

Engage visitors with automatic messages – Save more time and sell more stuff

Visitors can sometimes be shy. They would like to know specific details about your product but they hesitate to ask. Rather than writing to you, they prefer to browse the Internet for more information from other sources. That is the crucial moment when to be proactive and triggers will help with that. You can create targeted and personalized messages for each scenario.

Automated messages (or triggers) is the automated feature helping operators invite visitors into chat conversations. It allows you to engage with your potential customer at the right moment and guide them toward a conversion.

Let's say that your visitor returned to a specific page about guitars on your e-shop. They are not sure which guitar they should buy. Let them know that you can help. You don't have to track every one of your undecided potential customers on your own. A trigger will do all the work for you. When the conditions are met, the trigger is launched.

Measure impact of chatting on your sales

A crucial thing is that you measure the impact of a live chat on your conversion rates and visitor behavior in Google Analytics. This will help you identify how the live chat is increasing your sales. Compare specific agents to others, to identify weak spots, where you could serve your customers with better support.

Live chat is an investment in SEO

People who will find a helping hand on your website will stay even longer. That will help you get higher rankings on search engines. Because through search engines, it shows that your website is serving the right answer to their questions. Better average time on site will help you get higher rankings.

Watch behavior of your visitors to reveal issues on your website

By recording the screens of real users on your website, you can see what visitors clicked on with their mouse, what they filled into a form field, where they spent most of their time, and how they browsed through each page. This information helps inspire you with ingenious ways to improve your website. Using the Smartsupp chat and screen recording platform, the video recordings help identify user experience problems, tell you why visitors leave your website and show what convinced your customers to make a purchase.

What now?

Live chat is a conversation opener to step into a personalized conversation with your customers on your web. It will help serve your shop visitors with a better experience and increase conversion rates.

This is why we created Smartsupp, your powerful live chat service to get in personal contact with your customers.

So don't wait and install Smartsupp today for free!

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