How to Make Your Marketplace Listing Stand Out for BFCM

A guest article by the Pixc team. They provide a service that turns average product images into beautiful ones by editing and removing the background within 24 hours.

The eCommerce world is already showing signs of the brewing shopping mood leading up to Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) and the holiday season. Consumers are working on their wish lists and noting products that might make their shopping carts when the deep Black Friday discounts kick in.

But don’t rely on just your regular sales tactics during this prime selling time. You can harness some extra traction by listing your products on popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or even Pinterest.

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Listing on popular marketplaces is a marketing strategy that gives you direct access to their wide, engaged audience and boosts your online presence. Many consumers start their product search directly on Amazon or eBay, so make your listing stand out. Polish your images and craft unique, memorable titles and descriptions. Your product page is your ultimate sales tool - get it ready to grab attention and convert.

Let’s take a look at how to make your listings stand out and have a successful BFCM sale.

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1. Use Quality Images

If there is a single factor that defines the quality of your listing, it is your images. The attention of your customers first gravitates to visuals, and images help them decides whether to trust your brand. That is why it is essential to use quality, professional images that entice your holiday shoppers to make a purchase.

Your feature photo is the most important because it is the first thing your visitors see, dictating your product’s perceived value and your brand image.

But for all your photos, there are a few key elements when it comes to taking great product images that help you convert customers.

They usually come down to these:

      • Camera - Your camera is important, but with technological advances, you can take good photos with almost any DSLR or even your smartphone.
      • White or Light Background - White backgrounds have become an eCommerce standard because they allow the consumer to focus on the product.
      • Right Lighting - Take your images under the right natural or artificial light to avoid hard shadows for a cleaner look and easier post-processing.
      • Post-Processing - Remove the background and retouch colors in post-processing for a polished look that builds trust with your customers.

Also, don’t forget to adhere to your marketplace’s image guidelines to make sure you have zooming capability and your products look good on mobile devices. Every selling site is different, so remember to check their rules.

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2. Tell a Story

Use your images, graphic elements, and content to tell a story in your unique brand voice that resonates with your customers. Tailor your listings to the marketplace and the audience it serves.

Amazon caters to everyone from millennials to middle-aged and older generations.

eBay is suited a for anyone looking for a bargain.

Etsy serves the more artisanal-minded millennials and middle-aged groups.

Wanelo’s mobile app is for spontaneous young and trendy shoppers.

Kik is for teenagers.

Pinterest has a more thoughtful and mature audience, mostly women.

Houzz is for middle-aged women with disposable income.

Lyst caters to a more upscale clientele.

Once you grab the attention of your customers with great product images, it is time to build relationships and engagement. Take a few in-context or lifestyle photos of your product and add them to your gallery on your product page so consumers can better relate to how your product is being used.

Write copy that describes your product as well as your company culture and values so consumers can better relate to your story. For example, if you are selling vegan shoes and donating part of the profits to animal shelters, make it known! Include testimonials from previous customers or online ratings and reviews from third parties to boost your brand’s social appeal.

3. Craft Unique Product Listings

Think of your listing and your product page like a blank canvas, where you can use your creativity and innovation to grab attention and nurture visitors ever closer to making a purchase.

Do not write your titles and descriptions last minute or throw in some complementing products at random. Go through a few edits until they read as unique and inviting. Include relevant key terms that people search for to improve your organic traffic.

Also, test them before BFCM so you know they are optimized for the sale. Pick thoughtful complementing products that you can mention in your overview.

Make sure all the information the user could possibly need is on the page including dimensions, types of materials and frequently asked questions. Provide impeccable customer service including returns and exchanges, and invite your customers to leave reviews and ratings about your product in the marketplace.

Send buyers a follow-up email to provide them the opportunity for feedback. Use social media to send them a Thank You note and keep them further engaged.

Offer timely notifications and fast service when orders are placed. If you are offering free shipping for BFCM, display and promote the fact. Include social media buttons to encourage your customers to share your product.

Creating a smooth, friction-free shopping experience can significantly boost your conversion rate.

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4. Keep Mobile Customers in Mind

The leading marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have very responsive listings that look good both on desktop and mobile. You can stand out by optimizing your listings for both devices, keeping your images standard and (preferably) square.

Also, find the right balance between quality and file size so your listings load fast enough on mobile devices that may be using slower networks. Think of the screens on the smartphones and how consumers experience information reading from it. Keep your titles short but informative and your descriptions unique and enticing.

Mobile accounts for half of all eCommerce traffic and users on smartphones have short patience-spans. They expect to grasp everything about your product in little more than a glace, so make every element on your listing count.

5. Know Your Customers, and Put Yourself in Their Place

Use the data from your bestselling products to better understand your customer behavior and tailor your listings to their preferences. Test different product titles and descriptions as well as variations of your featured image to see which ones convert best.

Be sure to only test one adjustment at a time, though, so you know where the results are coming from. Also, test ahead of BFCM, not in the week of the sales event itself, because volumes will be picking up and you will not get realistic results.

Try visiting your listing like a customer, from all possible devices, and see if there is anything that strains your patience. Maybe the page is not loading fast enough or you have to scroll too much to get to the buying button. Check that your images are sizing correctly on mobile, your title is easy to read, and your descriptions are engaging enough.

6. Use Video

If the marketplaces you list on allows it, upload a short video or a 360-degree photo to complement the images in your gallery. Video is becoming the most powerful medium to engage consumers online, and it can give a healthy boost to your conversion for BFCM.

Use your videos to answer questions, share customer testimonials, or simply showcase your product promoting the lifestyle of your target customer. Lifestyle videos, even if there are only a few seconds long, can give that extra reassurance to shoppers in the final moments of the nurturing process so they can make a purchase.


Black Friday is around the corner, so upload your best images and fortify them with catchy, optimized titles and descriptions. Tell a story, and keep mobile shoppers in mind when optimizing your listing’s elements to boost your conversion. Know your customers and offer them the best user experience possible, including visuals and content that help them make informed decisions. Do that, and you’ll really feel the boost that BFCM can give.


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