How to Make Popups and Sticky Bars Work for You

A guest article by Hero Apps team, developer of Promotion Bar, a tool that you can use to communicate promotions, get likes and grow your mailing list.

Are you an eCommerce website owner? Then you'll probably agree that the value of popups has been the subject of debate. Between suppressing useful content and hindering the navigation flow, an ill-timed or badly executed popup can draw a customer’s attention away from the shopping page, thereby actually be defeating the object.

The good news, however, is that popups are evolving. 

Nowadays, popups are proving more effective at drawing people to shopping pages as opposed to diverting attention, and they can increase conversions.

Here are some things you want to avoid when using popup and sticky bar tools:

  • Overdoing it by making them appear too often;
  • Making use of a popup or bar that is irrelevant;
  • Failing to provide a clear way to exit or close the popup (less relevant for sticky bars because they don’t block the site);
  • Using too many words;
  • Generating a popup the moment visitors land on your site;
  • Forcing shoppers to do something, and
  • Failing to make use of a persuasive call-to-action.

However, after considering the above points, you still should definitely use popups or sticky bars on your eCommerce site. The primary aim is to deliver a winning call-to-action. By using these tools with a subscriber boxes, for example, you will be able to win back dissatisfied shoppers and convert them to loyal customers. Benefits derived from popups and sticky bars include:

  • Increased customer loyalty and sales with offer coupons and free delivery promotions;
  • Bigger order volumes with threshold incentives;
  • New customers by offering promo codes;
  • Higher visitor conversions and reduced bounce rates with exit offers;
  • Reduced cart abandonment with cart exit offers;
  • Better lead generation with contests, and
  • Better traffic management with navigation tools and links.

How to take advantage of popups without annoying shoppers

There are several types of popups. They include full page, regular popup, stick bar, side widgets, modal, social, exit intent, slide in and more.

Here's how you can leverage these tools without irritating site visitors:

Make use of offers and discounts

It is often difficult to convert new customers. Studies suggest that 77 percent of shopping carts are discarded. When you use offers such as exit offers or a coupon pop up, you can encourage some of those people abandoning their carts to make a purchase. A sense of exclusivity has a lot of drawing power.

Be careful with the timing of your popup

Avoid triggering a popup the instant people enter your site. Rather, permit them to get a feel for the site. You can set your popup to display any time you want; however, let them gain a better understanding of your offerings before you force them to take action. A great solution for this is using a sticky bar such as Promotion Bar. It’s very prominent but not intrusive to the user experience.

Be consistent

Optimize the look of your popups or bars for maximum impact. You want a top bar or popup that looks similar to your website’s overall design and branding. A contradictory design will make shoppers assume the popup is spam.

Use a persuasive and simple call-to-action

When settling on a CTA to use, make it concise and clear. Shoppers tend to ignore popups because the call-to-action fails to explain what a signup or subscription will entail. Ensure that your call-to-action conveys maximum value.

Your popup should provide a clear exit and ask for minimum customer information. The bad reputation associated with popups is as a result of poor implementation, exploitation, and mismanagement.

One more point to consider is viewability in mobile pages – google recently tweaked their ranking algorithm to take into account the mobile experience of a page. This means that putting a pop up which blocks a significant part of the content early on, can hurt your ranking with google. As usual with the search engine, the effect of this is hard to accurately measure, but you should be aware of it.

Use tools like the Promotion Bar App wisely and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.


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