How Retargeting Turns Your Website Visitors into Paying Customers

A guest article by Akohub, the retargeting and chatbot builder services for eCommerce operators. Their marketing platform helps you set up and run powerful retargeting ads across Facebook, Instagram, and more. They help Shopify stores achieve better ROI and turn website visitors into paying customers.

Retargeting becomes one of the most popular marketing tactics in recent years. Facebook Retargeting campaign is also deemed as a super effective way to boost sales conversions for eCommerce websites.


Browsing websites for ordering products can be much like window shopping, many potential customers may look for a long period of time but ultimately leave the website for various reasons. Here is a scenario:

Let’s say you are running an online jewelry store. There was a girl, Jean, going to your website and staying there for a while. She browsed around and showed her interest in several products. However, she left because she was in a rush to get to work. She didn’t put the products into her shopping cart, nor did she register as your member, but she actually liked your products. If she forgot to come back to your online store, how would you reach her again without any contact information?

An effective “Retargeting Campaign” is the answer.

Retargeting Campaign is the most efficient way to entice those visiting your website, to come back and become a paying customer with a relatively low marketing budget.

With tracking technology setting on your website, the Retargeting campaign works by displaying the products that the potential customers showed interest on their Facebook or Instagram timeline, even they didn’t sign up as your member. Neither email marketing nor shopping cart recovery can achieve this.

With the advanced settings based on the correlation between the lifetime value of your products and your customer behavior, an effective Retargeting Campaign can even achieve over 1,000% ROI for you. That’s why it’s a must-have marketing tool that every eCommerce website should have one. Moreover, there are still many tips to retarget your potential customers more precisely and cost-effectively.

For example, a customer who just purchased your products but still saw your endless retargeting ads not only decreases your ROI but also makes your customer feel annoyed. To avoid this issue, you can even exclude the people who have purchased your products within a period of time in your campaign settings.


First of all, you need to have a Facebook account, a business manager, a page, and an ad account: Secondly, you need to embed your Facebook Pixel code on your web store and sync your product information with Facebook and schedule a product feed to keep them updated every day. Lastly, you should create an audience group to let your target users see the product information they just viewed on your website.

Sounds pretty lengthy? Yes, Facebook’s product dynamic ad is one of the most complicated ads in its ad family.

However, if you have a Shopify store, you can finish all the settings with only a few clicks by installing Ako Retargeting on Shopify App Store:

Ako Retargeting makes the setting process easy and friendly. It allows eCommerce owners check the real-time campaign results from Facebook ads manager directly. Everything is simple and transparent. If you have any questions about setting a retargeting campaign, we are always here to help. Feel free to send us an email at We can’t wait to turn your losing website visitors into paying customers.

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