How Collecting Customer Feedback can Increase Your eCommerce Business

A guest article by Onjection team, developer of Customer Feedback app. Collect user feedback at any point of time after the customer has placed the order. You can automate the feedback collection email, and customize the survey questions that you want to ask from your customers. You can also see all the received feedback at one single place and make your informed business decisions based on that.

The key focus area of any successful business is customer satisfaction. As each customer has different requirements and expectations, it's really important to know more about them and constantly improve your product and services depending on their feedback.

We all know that paid advertisement can help increase in sales, but that is very costly. Sometimes, the marketing cost is too high that it exceeds the cost of a product and people end up in huge losses.

Acquiring a new customer is 4 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. One way to increase sales is to retain customers. Engaging with them by getting their precious feedback and suggestions, and understanding them can result in an increase of business referrals. Listening to customers gives them a feeling that their opinion matters and that you care about them.

Irate customers tend to post negative reviews on the internet and social media and end up canceling their orders. Collecting timely feedback from these customers and acting on it can help you retain them, and ensure they get better customer experience.

But getting feedback is not that easy. There are a few things that need to be taken care of while requesting valuable feedback from your customers.

1. What information you need to request from your customer and at what time

To seek right information is very much necessary. Customer who has just ordered would likely give feedback about the overall site experience, whether it was easy to order and search for products or did he have all the information required before purchasing.

A customer who has received the order would likely give feedback on their shipping experience - was it delivered on time or did he like the packing.

And 10 days after using the product, your customer would likely give feedback about how he liked its quality, was it really useful to him, etc.

These are the best times to collect feedback if you want to increase the product reviews on your site. Timing is really important for collecting the feedback.

2. How easy it is for the customer to give the feedback

If it's a long set of questions, your customer might be hesitant to complete everything, so you need to keep it short.

Star rating questions are easier to fill than asking them to write their answers. Feedback can be collected either by emails, survey forms, social media, etc.

Email is the best way to collect feedback. Various metrics where you can collect information from the customers are:

  • Product availability
  • Ease of order placing
  • Delivery time
  • Product packaging
  • Product quality
  • Repeat purchase
  • Recommend to friends
  • Customer Support

Successful business is an evolving process, where you can keep on improving your customer's experience. Improve customer service based on the insights that you collect from your valuable customers. One should always remember that good customer service costs less than bad customer service!

Keep your customers happy!

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