Grow your Shopify business by translating your e-shop

A guest article by the Weglot team, developer of the Weglot Appa powerful translation service that easily displays your website in any languages.

Once you’ve created an up and running business, using Shopify, the one thing you’re looking at, even obsessed with, is to make it grow. There is not a single company whose main goal is not to further develop its activity.

Growing your Shopify online business can be done using different tools and strategies. A relatively easy and performing strategy is making your e-shop multilingual. Let’s see how multilingualism and Weglot app could be your big next move for 2017.

Increase your reachable market

Adding new languages would mechanically increase your number of addressable markets, making your e-shop available to more potential customers.

Target relevant markets for your products, based on country usage and similarities vs. your original one, and select the related languages to be displayed.

For example, Movies product (the best fan marketplace) website used a multilingual app to add new languages and be available in Bulgaria and Spanish-speaking countries notably.

Before adding this app, Movies products fans marketplace was only available in English-speaking countries. Making their website multilingual allowed them to be now available in 15+ languages, addressing more geographies.

As English is one of the most spoken language, you could also decide to add it to make sure almost all your visitors would be able to understand your website. For example the beautiful and confidential brand Garçonne & Chérubin used a multilingual app to make their website available in English.

Boost your traffic

After increasing your market size, you should leverage multilingualism to boost your website’s traffic.

First, analyze your traffic based on languages and geographies. As you selected and added a bunch of languages as explained above, use Google analytics or similar services to get data on your traffic and audience. The goal is to identify what your audience’s main geographies and languages are. Focus on 1 to 3 of them, obviously among the 3 most important :)! Set-up a relevant acquisition strategy for these geographies and languages, using both paid and free marketing channels. And make sure, you’re using a SEO optimized multilingual app, otherwise your translated pages will not be indexed, decreasing/offsetting the effects of your marketing expenses.

Then, analyze the results again and focus on 1 or 2 of them. Once you’ve industrialized your acquisition funnel for these 1 or 2 languages/geographies, repeat the operation for other ones.

Buykud, a famous clothes e-shop, used a multilingual app to add more than 10 languages, increasing its traffic and audience in France, Poland and Russia notably.

Improve your conversion metrics

Market increase, traffic boost, what’s next? The last, and not the least interesting, piece of the acquisition funnel: conversion rate.

While 75% of the internet users are non English-speaker, almost c. 90% will not buy at English websites. So, it gives you a pretty clear picture of how important language is when it comes to convert a visitor into a customer.

Offering a complete and truthful user experience to your visitors is key, and one way to do that is to let them experience your website in their language. Choose an app that lets you monitor the content quality, leaving auto translations for least visited parts, having your local team, in-house translators working on key pages or even order pro translations directly via the app (by the way with Weglot app, you can do all of that at the same place)., a Quebec based beanbag e-shop, added French and Spanish used a multilingual app to improve its visitors experience, matching its potential clients speaking language.


Multilingualism is a powerful and strong tool to help you grow your Shopify e-commerce overall activity. It will allow you to increase sales, leveraging on 3 different aspects of the acquisition funnel:

  • Increase market size, with more potential clients
  • Boost website traffic, with relevant marketing efforts
  • Improve conversion rate with an enhanced user experience

To properly and fully benefit from this levers, you need a top-notch service and a strong partner at your side. This is why we created Weglot App, a powerful translation service to easily display your website in any languages.


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