Easter Gifting: Because Chocolate is Not Enough Anymore

A guest article by Ari Yahalom, VP BizDev of Gift Wizard, a startup revolutionizing the eCommerce gifting experience. They provide online stores an alternative, data-driven, gift purchasing experience. Smart profiling of both sender and receiver results in the elimination of most product returns, and new sales generation through relevant and targeted marketing.

Easter is right around the corner and the excitement is at full swing.

From picnic planning to organizing the traditional chocolate egg hunt, people from all walks of life are being swept away by the colorful carefreeness of this Spring holiday.

It seems like everywhere you look stores are updating their ad creative with spring-like themes and pastel colors, or running special promotions featuring bunnies and chocolate eggs. This holiday atmosphere is causing customers to swarm online stores, looking for deals and sales, and you don’t want to make them look too hard.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that Easter wasn’t always the gifting extravaganza we see today. Until a dramatic change following the market collapse between 2008-2009, Easter wasn’t a notable gifting occasion, with moderate gift sales that caused most stores to rule out Easter altogether.

Reeling back from the 2008 crises, consumers strived to create happy moments for their loved ones, increasing total Easter spending from just $12.7B in 2009 to over $17.3B in 2016, and the expectations are that 2017 will break even that record.

This huge growth in spending is mostly attributed to the rise in gift purchases, that reached $2.7B last Easter, and shows no signs of stopping.

With an average gift spending of $146 per customer, Easter 2017 is expected to surpass even the gift spending of Valentine's day that stood at $136.57, making Easter a force not be ignored.

But what to sell and how to sell it?

As with every holiday, Easter presents a chance to win big, but only if you can give your customers the gift buying experience that expects.

It is important to remember that, buying a gift can be stressful, with customers needing the extra help from the store to get the right product.

That’s the power of creating holiday-specific gift guides that will nudge your customers to the right place and stopping them from being discouraged when looking for the right gift.

Easter is a holiday that blurs the lines between kids and adults, giving grown men and women the perfect excuse to let their proverbial hair down and relive happy childhood memories.

That being said, here are some gifting ideas you can consider to add to your Easter holiday guides.

Gifts for kids

After Christmas, your customers’ kids probably have everything they could ever wish for, so finding gifts that will make them happy is a daunting task (especially if candy is off the table).

Answering the call are the good people at Brostrick who created a beautiful list of 33 unique gifts for kids this Easter.

You can also find great gift ideas at this great Working Mother blog

Gifts for adults

Easter gifts need to be as colorful as possible, and while most stores choose to go with the stuffed animals and chocolate combo (like gifts.com) other stores try to separate themselves from the crowd by offering customized Easter baskets adults.

Remember, when in doubt you can’t go wrong with the simple “Easter promotion” seizing this opportunity to give your customers discounts on their favorite items and encouraging them to send them to their friends with “buy one get one” sales.

Enjoy this gifting opportunity and don’t forget that each gift you sell can win you a potential new customer!


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