Currency Converter, a must have plug-in to sell Internationally

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Ever wanted to buy a product online and the only thing preventing you from hitting the order button is the fact that you are confused by the store's currency? This is very common when purchasing from international websites, especially if the prices of the goods and services aren’t displayed in your home currency. Apparently, this is one of the things that negatively affect your international sales if you sell goods and services via your website or if you are into ecommerce. This demands the need for incorporation of currency converter functionality into your website, something that can be easily achieved by installation of a plug-in or app. So, what exactly are the benefits of incorporating a currency converter to your website?

Easier currency conversions:

With currency converter functionality for your website, you save your foreign customers the pain of having to manually and mathematically convert the prices of your products to their desired currency. The currency converter converts your product's original currency displaying it in their home currency making it easier for them to understand the prices they need to pay for goods and services. This saves on time and effort used in making an order, something that may otherwise discourage potential buyers from visiting your online store. But, how many users prefer to switch currencies through a converter? Very Few! So, the converter must have geo-tagging capabilities to detect any country across the world and convert your store currency to customer's home currency automatically.

User readable price figure display:

Whenever one currency is converted to another, it is obvious for the customers to have confusing figures with decimals and fractions. This may be really put off your customers while browsing. A currency converter should get rid of any such decimals by rounding them, thus leaving only the whole digits. This makes it easier for the customer to interpret the amount of the product and will increase your orders internationally. Stores displaying their prices with decimal places tend to make their products look costlier psychologically because of longer prices due to decimal digits. Hence, a currency converter must have this optional feature to display the prices without any decimal digits to make them look short and appealing to the buyer.

Increased international sales:

Statistics show that international customers usually feel at ease when shopping from websites that display product prices in their home currency. Apart from making it easier for them to just click the order button rather than having to manually calculate the currency in their home currency, having currency conversion functionality for your website automatically converts all the prices displayed on your store, making the whole shopping process faster. Seeing prices in your local currency makes the whole process more familiar to the user. In case if the checkout currency is your store currency, it should be clearly mentioned to the customer before checkout, so that the customer does not get confused while hitting the checkout button and seeing the prices in store currency again.

It is pretty obvious that giving your website currency conversion capabilities does have great benefits for your business as a whole. Right from increased trust from your international customers who will no longer look at you as an outsider, to ease of use by people from the entire world, a currency converter greatly increases the number of international customers who visit your online store and actually make purchases.

Shopify's Auto Currency Switcher App by MLveda is equipped with all the features mentioned above and is compatible with desktop, tablets and smart phones. This is the most popular app for store owners who sell internationally through Shopify.

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