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A guest article by Myron Goldsmith, Marketing Director at F13 Works. They work to unite leading brands with influential online stores.

What is dropshipping?

For those new to eCommerce, dropshipping serves as a fulfillment model. It is simply selling goods from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without normal distribution channels. You only need to place products onto your site with a mark-up and market them to your customer base. Thousands of online stores are dropshipping the products they sell to grow their customer base and generate revenue.

Here’s an example:

A customer visits your site to buy a new t-shirt. You sell the t-shirt for $20, but it may only cost you $10 to purchase from the supplier. Once the order is placed, the supplier ships the t-shirt directly to the consumer.

What are the benefits?

The initial investment is almost zero

Since you do not hold any inventory in a dropshipping model, your initial investment is normally advertising costs and Shopify’s monthly fee. This is why virtually anyone can start an online store!

You can sell a wide variety of products.

From clothing and apparel to electronics and gadgets, there are a plethora of products you can sell on Shopify through dropshipping. With that being said, it is up to you to decide if you want to reach a broad audience or hyper-focus your marketing efforts on a specific niche.

Marketing is simple with the use of social media.

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, promoting your Shopify store and its products is easier than ever! Take time to research the best social media marketing strategies and you’ll find that profits will begin coming in faster than expected.

What are the risks?

Finding high-quality products and trustworthy suppliers

Many dropship suppliers sell products from all over the world. It is important to research manufacturers and suppliers before doing any kind of business with them. Remember, low prices sometimes mean low quality. In order to become a successful dropshipper, you will need to offer great products to your customers!

As a store owner, every product you sell is an extension of your brand. If you owned a brick & mortar store, you wouldn’t sell cheap, faulty products. The same applies for your online store. The great thing about all our Shopify apps is that we vet all products and suppliers we work with. This guarantees that all products are high-quality, which your customers will love.

Handling the order processing, fulfillment, and billing

Dropshipping can prove to be very time-consuming without the right technology in place. If you decide to handle order on your own, you will be responsible for processing orders, fulfilling them, and billing the customer. Thankfully, there are apps and payment systems available on Shopify that automate these stages of customer checkout for you!

How can I get started on Shopify?

Dropshipping on Shopify has never been easier! Certain apps are available that allow store owners to choose from a variety of products to list on their store. Some even offer automated processing, fulfillment, and billing.

Here are three apps to get you started with dropshipping:

1.       Vault Drop is a supplier that provides affordable US-manufactured and distributed jewelry with high-margin potential. They offer plenty of options from earrings to necklaces and bracelets. 

2.       Air Waves OnDemand offers on-demand custom-printed apparel in a wonderful variety of styles and prices. They provide the quickest turnaround and highest quality printing available. 

3.       FiberFix offers an innovative new product that replaces glue, duct tape and epoxy in a hardware drawer. They experienced great success on Shark Tank and are now offering their flagship product to sell through online stores, in the coming months they will be adding other innovative products, many of which were featured on Shark Tank as well.

Where does F13 Works come in?

We work to unite leading brands with influential online stores. One of the biggest drawbacks of dropshipping is finding, contacting, and connecting with suppliers. It can become costly and time-consuming. Our software solution solves that problem by adding your online store to our current network of over 300,000 stores! You gain access to products from leading brands and the ability to automate the processing, fulfillment and billing of those same products. Build the future of eCommerce today by visiting




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