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17 Thriving Shopify Stores That Sell Digital Products


Mondays are made for inspiration. After a weekend of rest, sometimes we need rest from that rest, and sitting down at our desk is like restarting an engine, a process that takes a bit of brain grease and time, especially in the Winter. At Carson, we're all about getting and staying inspired to do better work and live better, healthier, fuller lives... especially on Mondays.

Every Monday I want to throw out a inpsirational post for practical Shopify ideas or general inspiration for sparking creativity in your work and staying productive.

The coolest thing about Shopify is watching it evolve. The platform changes, improves and expands (90% for the better) on a weekly basis.

The ability to sell non-physical products and services using the platform is not what we first think of when we think eCommerce, so, in case you're in the idea phase or the product selection phase of your eCommerce journey, or you're just curious about the flexibility and range of things can be sold, this is for you.

Here are 10 Shopify merchants thriving on the Shopify platfrom selling digital products or services. Of the hundreds of sites selling digital-only products and services, these 17 were chosen for their creativity and for maintaining design integrity of their chosen themes.

1. DrumBroker- Hip Hop Drum Samples


2. Pixie Faire - Doll Clothing Patterns


3. Troop Digital - Premium Shopify Themes


4. Photo and Camera - Photoshop Templates


6. Violet Field Threads - Patterns and Tutorials


7. Surf Techniques - Surf Video Tutorials


8. Nicolesy - Tools for Photographers


9. AgManuals - Farm Equipment Manuals


10. LoopLoft - Drum loops


11. IGotAnOffer - Mckinsey PST Preparation


12. Carson - Small Task Shopify Experts (yes that's us)


13. Plus Origin - Architectural Plans


14. RabbitRoom - Music, Books and Deals


15. Gidget Designs - Beautiful and unique digital papers


16. Topclick Marketing Services


17. A Book Apart - Books for Web Professionals

Want to get started with selling your own non-physical products? Here are a few apps and related links to help you with your project:
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Do you sell digital products using Shopify? Do you know of other digital product sellers thriving on the Shopify platform?
Please share in the comments so we can build out our list and inspire more people to use Shopify to sell digital and non-physical products.


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February 20, 2017

I want to be a successful online marketer for online digital products and services I am seek out all the information I can before I set up a shop cause I’ve never been very computer smart but I want to learn ;) thank you

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