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This Week in eCommerce #1: Passion, Big Ideas and Shopsmall Saturday

by Jonathan Kennedy November 27, 2015

Hey all!

This week in eCommerce is a curated weekly email digest of 5 resources I find useful or interesting - and that could have an impact on your life and business. 

I'm quietly releasing this first weekly list on Black Friday and will continue to do it every week, as we plan and grow out our content strategy into 2016. If you find it useful, please pass it on. 

1. Screw finding your passion - Mark Manson

''The problem isn’t passion. It’s never passion. It’s priorities.''

2. Big ideas never start out big - Tanner Christensen 

''Forget about having big ideas. Focus on the small ideas, the things that make you wonder. It’s from those small ideas that big ideas evolve. Not always, but more often than not.''

3. The story of small business saturday - Forbes

The Shop Small message is recognized year round, with Small Business Saturday – the Saturday following Thanksgiving each year – becoming an increasingly popular holiday tradition.

4. insight.shopify.com

All Shopify orders in real time on a 3D globe. Not particularly useful, but nice example of visualized data.

5. Google Keep - Save your thoughts wherever you are 

I picked up this app as a personal to-do assistant. So far, I love it. I can record ideas, sort and share. I don't think of it as a work tool yet, just a convenient app that I can grow into.

Have a great week!


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