8 Places to Get Shopify Support for New E-Commerce Store Owners

Launching a successful e-commerce venture requires overcoming a series of challenges in your first year. Although Shopify has decreased the barriers to entry with an excellent platform, using Shopify to build your online store is no exception. You’ll face a variety of hurdles in the first stages of your business ranging from marketing challenges to building trust and implementing content strategies.

It’s essential that you know where to turn for assistance so that you can avoid common missteps and start on a positive note—here are 8 Shopify support resources that should be on the radar of every new Shopify user.

 1. Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

In the world of e-commerce, sometimes the best help comes from one’s peers. Our Facebook group, officially hosted by the Carson team, consisting of over 3,000 members is a great reflection of this principle, since it encourages each individual to work cooperatively as a community to answer each other’s questions. If you have any questions relating to your Shopify store whatsoever, chances are that there’s a user in the group who has overcome precisely the same challenge.

2. Shopify Customer Support

For faster answers to simple questions, the Shopify customer support team will have everything you need. If you have any basic questions related to billing or your account, this is the place to turn. While they probably won’t be able to help with matters that are overly technical, they should be able to point you in the right direction. In order to accomodate their growing userbase, Shopify has responded by bolstering their support team with new support reps.


3. Shopify Experts Directory 

For those looking to be paired with a Shopify professional with high-level expertise, you should search through the database for the ideal specialist to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for help with design, development, or marketing, you can be sure that there’s a Shopify professional with the experience and skillset to exceed your expectations.

Be prepared to pay a competitive rate for their services; you can expect to be charged $80+ an hour or a flat rate of over $500 per project.

The Carson team are officially recognized as Shopify experts, but there is no official category for small jobs yet. If Shopify opens up a new category that covers the type of inquiries and task we cover, we hope to be listed there. For now, Carson is undeniably the best and only place to get small Shopify jobs done profesionally. Check out our monthly plans here.

4. Shopify YouTube Channel

If hiring a specialist isn’t your thing and you’re more comfortable teaching Shopify to yourself, then check out the Shopify YouTube channel for excellent video tutorials. Intended for DIY types that want to manage the various aspects of their online stores themselves, these videos cover a wide range of topics that will let you get your store up and running in no time.

5. Shopify Strategy Facebook Group

This Facebook group is independently managed and not affiliated with Shopify itself, but you’ll find its members to be a valuable source of actionable marketing advice. For all types of general and marketing help,  you’ll be able to find an expert who can walk you through the answer to your question.

6. Shopify Theme and App Companies

Another great resource are developers of Shopify themes and apps, since you’ll usually receive lifetime support for your purchase. Also, there’s generally great documentation for both basic and advanced usage of purchased themes, and a high standard of user-friendliness is maintained. Recommended sources for Shopify themes include outofthesandbox.com, cleanthemes.co.uk, and pixelunion.net. For Shopify apps, check out Shoppad.com and Boldapps.com

7. MerchantConnect.org

For great Shopify support forums frequented by thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs, check the new private merchant support forums hosted by HeyCarson. The focus of the forums is on essential topics including business growth, strategy, marketing, and assisting e-commerce storeowners through their first year of business, and the experience of their members will definitely come in handy. Topics covered can be useful to new store owners, but the level of discussion is geared toward store already generating sales.

8. Official Shopify Forums

Although it’s the most intuitive place to search for help, the official Shopify forums have been plagued with some spam and moderation issues, making the overall community and support experience leaving much room for improvement.

When it comes to relatively straightforward questions, it can take some time to receive a satisfying, genuine answer to your query. You’ll eventually receive a thorough reply, in most cases, from an expert trying to promote their own services to you. Moreover, another problem plaguing the forums is the ubiquity of spam and a faulty automated moderation system.

The good news is that the quality of the official forums has been improving in recent months and there’s been a visible shift towards increasing the quality of the support offered to users. If this trend continues, the official forums will bounce back and become an incredibly valuable and official resource for new store owners.


As a Shopify store owner, what has been your experience with Shopify support channels? What additional resources do you think should make the cut?


  • I recommend SHOPIFY ENTREPRENEURS FACEBOOK GROUP. I have joined the group.
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  • I’m a Shopify partner — and have recently discovered Clean Themes. Very impressed with the quality of their themes — many excellent features built-in. And their support pages — specific to each theme is excellent. …Rowby

    Rowby Goren
  • Hi,
    I am a new shopify store owner (https://marinegizmos.com). I’m looking little help to customize my shipping set up. At this time Shopify only allows store owners to set up their shipping as per weight or per price, but not the both..I want to offer Free Shipping to my customers who are buying a product with a minimum price $99 or over and within the weight limit of 10LBS or less, any suggestions how it can be done?

    Hafiz F

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