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5 Ways To Have Testimonials Boost Your Sales On Shopify

A guest article by Profitools team. Profitools creates the best plugins and tools for eCommerce sellers worldwide.

When shopping online, I can’t resist checking out the customer reviews or the testimonials from the users who have good, bad or even an ugly thing or two to say about the product. For me, this one social proof stating user’s experience holds a lot of validation. This humble looking word of mouth is the best form of marketing and communications tool.

If you are an online marketer looking forward to a thriving e-com business and a solid base of happy, repeated customers, there’s no way you shouldn’t consider this viral form of feedback as your best business ally. Your customers will check testimonials about your products and services before hitting the ‘Buy’ button. So, I have got some solid, bonafide reasons that will help you understand why testimonials are your best bet at leveraging reviews to provide credibility to your business and build a long sustaining trust among your online customers.

1. Become Search Engine’s Favourite And Rank High

When you have your customers sharing their purchase and user experiences online, it immediately catapults your popularity on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The more testimonials you can garner on your shopping portal, the higher you rank on prominent search engines. These testimonials help boost your product’s Search Engine Optimization efforts without you having to do anything.

2. Maximize Your Reach and Improve sales

Testimonials equip your visitors with the most crucial information that is relevant to their purchase decision. When they read social proofs, they gather important insights into the product and can leverage that to make purchase. By featuring and highlighting user experiences and recommendations, you can exert a good amount of influence on the prospective customers, while arming them with necessary product details corroborated by real product users.

3. Foster Customer Loyalty And Engagement

Customers who take out time to leave reviews on your Shopify store,develop a strong loyalty and a connect with your business. They are more likely to come back and write favourable, positive feedback about your products. Also, testimonials are engagement magnets that pull your customers to your Shopify store and form a strong consumers community. These customers will keep coming back to check other customers’ response to their comments.

4. Your Customers Do The Marketing For You

Testimonials are an ensemble of strong opinions made in favour of your products where what your offer and benefits of the products mentioned right at front and centre. They substantiate your claim and promises of adding value and giving unrivaled benefits.

5. Damage Control

When your visitors leave any negative feedback, just acknowledge it graciously by replying that you will soon consider the matter and resolve the problem.

This will build a stronger accountability and control any damage that a negative feedback can do to your online credibility.

A good testimonial endorses key benefits of your product and services. All you must do is simply email your customers and ask for their feedback on your product. Most customers will happily do it and help you show your potential customers that you are trustworthy.

As easy as it sounds to get testimonials, how do you upload them on Shopify?

Check out the most powerful app for uploading the buyer testimonials- ProfiTestimonials. The testimonials appear as notifications and are guaranteed to catch the user's eye. One click installation. Requires no programming or changes in the theme. There’s nothing more effective to sell your product than a buyer testimonial and nothing more power packed than ProfiTestimonials app that does it for you easy and fast.

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