5 Tips to Improve Your Shopify Site (or Store) Design in 2017

The eCommerce sector is rising each year in actual online purchases and even more so in window shopping for better deals. With so much online traffic, your website is the core of your marketing. Consumers are browsing online stores for more than just the product and price factor - they want a pleasurable and enjoyable shopping experience. A well-designed landing page, as well as intuitive functionality, is a must, especially for millennials. A sleek, coherent landing page is a sure fire way to increase your customer’s shopping experience and have consumers returning to your site.  

1.Have a well-designed logo

This is essential to your website because you will need to design the layout and color schemes accordingly. Your logo is the core of your brand; it dictates the tone of all your promotional material and content. Don’t be afraid to update your logo. Millennials, in particular, have a great appreciation for aesthetics and will take note in your effort to improve your design. 

2. Always start in grayscale

An oversaturated website can become a huge detriment to your brand perception. To avoid this, start with shades of gray, then add your logo and photography, and slowly pull in color elements that complement them. This will create a more cohesive look and will place prominence on the elements that need it. 

3. Get rid of clutter

A plethora of visual elements such as photos, animations, colors and different typography can be incredibly overwhelming. Following the less is more rule will allow emphasis on the features that need it. Keep your call to actions to a minimum on each page to avoid distracting the viewer.

4. Strategically Place your Social Media Links

You want your viewers to stay on your page as long as possible, and having a button in the header asking them to like your Facebook page is inviting them to leave your site and head over to Facebook where they will instantly become more immersed in their social life rather than your brand. Keep them scrolling and place the social media icons in the footer.

5. Take Advantage of White Space

Use white space as a buffer between paragraphs and other elements on your page. This allows the viewer to breathe and absorb each item that is presented to them. With minimalist styles on the rise, there has never been a better time to embrace white space.

Bonus. Every Page is an Important Page 

Take the time to evaluate your website and ask yourself if there is too much going on. Cleaning up colors, graphics, and positioning is a simple undertaking that will improve your brand perception massively. One final bonus tip is to treat each page as a landing page. Emphasize and focus on the most important details and have the viewer absorb what you’re offering. 

These are 5 tips to improve your Shopify store. For those looking to further customize their Shopify store, there are multitudes of small graphic change options (ex: fixing image aspect ratio, adding social media buttons, installing a custom font) available at low costs.


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