Q & A with Bros. Leather Supply Co - On Growing a Shopify brand online and off

Today we have Jason VanHoute, General Manager of Bros. Leather Supply Co., in a brief interview for our blog series featuring new, growing and established Shopify store owners.

1. Describe what Brothers Leather Supply Company sells in one sentence.

Quality handcrafted leather goods at exceptional prices.

2. How did your business get started? Give us a rundown of the history/lore.

Saw a void in the market for quality leather bags at affordable prices and wanted to fill it.

3. Tell us about one recent major success and one recent epic failure.

One recent success - Forming relationships with 18 different retail stores across the country! One thing to work on - Keeping up with the high demand for our products.

4. What has been the most successful sales or marketing campaign you’ve personally executed?

A really fun marketing campaign for us was through social media. In order to win a new Bros. bag one had to write about a someone who is closer than a brother (or a real brother) and why they deserve a new bros. bag (they also had to tag that person in the post)... winner was chosen at random!

5. What is one piece of advice you would give to yourself if you could have a conversation with your previous self (pre-store owner)?

A common saying around BLSC is "You can't manage, what you can't measure"

6. What is your biggest goal for 2015 and are you on track to reach it?

To be in 50 retail stores across the nation. (yes we are on track to reach that goal!)

Thanks Jason!

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