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Carson | The First 24/7 Taskdesk for Shopify Store Owners

by Jonathan Kennedy March 01, 2015

Hello Shopify-ers,

Carson is looking for 10 beta customers to join us for a 30 day trial. $79/month (Regular price will be $199/month). All beta customers will be grandfathered in at their beta price.

Some of you know that I run a print eCommerce shop at FineSportsPrints. Yep, on Shopify. From 2011-14, I co-founded and grew a 50+ person marketing company in the Philippines – Clicklabs, Inc. In Dec 2014, I left Clicklabs to work on a new company that would be 100% virtual and global.

In the past few months, we’ve built our eCommerce shop to be entirely virtual (no office) and profitable. In this time, I’ve become a raging ambassador of the Shopify platform.

I decided to launch Carson as a Shopify Help Desk (I guess that’s what I’m calling version 1) to help others grow their Shopify businesse beyond year 1.

One of the biggest challenges for small shops is finding effective, affordable help to get technical, graphic and marketing tasks done. Carson is a 24/7 premium support desk to help Shopify store owners. Think of it as shared Shopify expert staff, available to you everyday, without the full time or agency price tag.

The service is targeted to shops in their first year of business. If this is you, and you need help offloading some of the work, to focus more on product, growth and sales, we want to help you. I’d love you to be a beta customer.

The service will launch at $199/month and I’m offering the beta at $79/month to 10 shop owners. The $79 price is set to offset the real costs of offering the beta service and to get honest customer feedback/testimonials.

I will also need to chat with you personally to approve you into the 30 day beta program.

Below is the short required survey to enter the beta program.

Take the survey to be a Carson beta customer


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