What the heck is a small Shopify task?

Please read this before placing your order for a small task or monthly plan.

Ok, I agree. Small is subjective. But we're doing our best to help Shopify entrepreneurs grow their businesses while keeping development and staffing costs low.

Our focus as a team is doing small Shopify tasks, really fast, without compromising quality. There are no big scopes, quotes or looking down on small tasks. Small is anything that is defined by us to be less than 1hour to complete.

There certainly is a limit to what they can achieve in 1 hour!

With the endless diversity of quick Shopify fixes, it is impossible to exhaustively itemize here, however below we detail some off the most common types of tasks that are included and not included.

In line with our goal of delivering a super streamlined service, our team decides what is small and what is not. We approve or reject tasks based on our best time estimation of the job, that’s it. But, there are guidelines that can help you decide if we're a fit. As time goes on and we take on more small tasks, we will add to our list below to give our customers a better idea of ”small”.

We understand that the range of small may not work for everyone, but we’ll do our best to make sure you’re never left without options if your tasks don’t fit into our service scope.

Here are real examples of small tasks we can help you with:


  • Small design, style and CSS changes
  • Small graphic and image edits
  • Quick Shopify app configurations
  • Small Theme layout fixes, tweaks and configurations
  • Small HTML and JavaScript changes
  • Forms fixes and modifications
  • Social media images
  • Troubleshooting questions
  • Shopify app recommendations
  • Popular Shopify theme questions
  • Billing, payout and payment gateway questions
  • Shopify best practice questions

Not Included:

  • Responsive design
  • Complicated development of new functionality
  • Shopify Theme Installation/Setup
  • Unknown, undetermined or poorly specified fixes
  • Repetitive data entry
  • Store setup work (other than small stuff)
  • Copywriting
  • Logo, icon or vector image creation
  • Full page redesigns, integrations

What if I’m unsure or I got it wrong?

Worry not. We deliver an end-to-end service where every task request/order is moderated and looked at. If you end up asking for too much (which we don’t encourage as it will slow down the experience) we will contact you and advise of how to edit it down or if you still need the task done we will refer you to affordable freelance partners we trust. 

Other things to note:

  • If your store is launched and you need ongoing small fixes and tweaks to help build your business and don't want to go through complicated scopes, quotes or pay agency/developer rates of $50+/hour, then we are likely a perfect fit for you.
  • If you are in your pre-launch phase we are likely not a fit for you. The pre-launch phase usually means you have lists of things to do and with our turnaround times and limit of one task at a time - it has show not to be ideal for people in this phase of their business.
  • If you have ideas for new features or functions, chances are it can't be done in 1 hour. We do most of our work within the feature limitations and functionality of themes and apps.
  • We accept one task at a time on our subscription plans. We don't hold lists or queue your list of tasks. Everything is submitted one task at a time so we can maintain a flow of customers tasks. 
  • A small task is a small task. We cannot take 4-5 small subtasks in a single job because it amounts to 1hr.
  • Screenshots help us understand your task. Consider sending your task with a good screenshot.
  • We do not work weekends, yet. But we will soon.
  • We are currently the only small Shopify jobs service provider.
  • If we can't do your job, we know someone that can. We work with vetted freelancers that can take big jobs at rates that make sense for you.

As we get more requests, we will add to this list.

If you have task ideas that you need help with and you don’t see them on this list, please email us at hello@heycarson.com. You may also book a 30 min call with me if you need a bit more guidance with our service or with Shopify in general. You can book a free consultation here, don't be shy!


  • Signed up for the three month plan, will be submitting initial task shortly.

    Danny Welsh
  • I subscribed to the Hey Carson monthly plan to give it a try. They are great is all I can say. I have enjoyed working with them and intend to continue using them. Perfect for the little and not so little tweaks we all need from time to time. Highly recommended.

    Alice Goldbloom
  • Hi – I have a Shopify store at www.irishcraftsonline.com, it’s far from perfect but its functioning at least for now!

    I have a piece of work that I understand is possible with some html tweaks, just not sure on how to…

    I want to charge one price for each product to ALL customers regardless of their location
    - if they are within the EU this will include VAT
    - if they are outside the EU this will not include VAT

    So at checkout their total would be
    - within EU: “€100 including €18.70 Tax”
    - outside EU: €100 include €0.00 Tax"

    Is this something you could help with?



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