3 Strategies to Empower Shopify Cart Page - Your Best Shot to Sell and Close Sales

A guest article by the Beeketing team, a powerful marketing automation platform to help Shopify stores improve conversion rate and boost online sales.

  • Retailers lose $18 billion annually due to Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • The average conversion rate for online sellers is just below 3%
  • 68% of online shoppers drop their shopping carts

The numbers say it all. We’re all stunned by these insane facts about shopping carts abandonment. The numbers say it all: no matter how well we do from when customers visit our website, the moment they reach cart page is when they really make a decision.

Cart page is your last best shot to drive customers down the conversion funnel and finally close the sales. Have you done anything to optimize your Shopify cart page?

Take a look at these 3 killing ideas to empower your Shopify cart page to actually convert customers (the last one is our favorite):

#1 Upsell product recommendations based on

When customers already place some items to cart, you should have known what they might be interested in, based on their order choices.

In cart page, show some personalized product recommendations based on customer’s items on cart to show them more options before they complete checkout. For example: if customers are about to buy a T-shirt, why don’t you offer them a hot Jeans and blazer to complete the look?

You can show recommendations as a widget at the bottom of the page, or present all in a popup to catch their attention. Last-attempt Upsell is worth it because you’re selling to people who are quite ready to complete their purchase.

#2 Exit-intent popups to catch leaving traffic

68% of people drop order at cart page. Even if you cannot convert them back right on the store, make sure you have their email so you can remind them of their left cart later by cart recovery emails.

Run an exit-intent popup that only shows up when customers are about to leave the site (the technology detects leaving people by tracking their mouse’s movement around the browser tab bar). You can ask for their email subscription, offer a discount coupon or free shipping code as an incentive to encourage them to complete the order.

#3 Countdown timer offer

People are prompt to take spontaneous actions when they are pressed for time. Plus:

  • 54% of shoppers will purchase products left in shopping carts if those products are offered at a lower price.

  • 28% of shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if presented with unexpected shipping costs.

How about implementing a discount or free shipping offer valid in a very limited time, so your customers feel the urge to complete their order right away before their time runs out?

Source: Checkout Boost app

Wrap Up

Entrepreneurs normally get too busy running ads to drive in more traffic, while they forget that the 90% of the traffic they work hard to earn elude away.

Don’t leave your money on the table! Pay close attention to your cart page - it’s your last best shot to actually convert traffic into sales.


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