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3 Easy Ways to Design the Perfect Shopify Loyalty Program

A guest article by the Sweet Tooth team. Sweet Tooth is a Shopify app that allows you to create your own branded loyalty/rewards program.

Starting your own ecommerce business is a very exciting process, but can be a bit daunting if you’ve never done it before.  With so many different voices online telling you what to do and what not to do, it can be hard to figure out if you’re going in the right direction.  For example, should you be offering a loyalty program or not?

Thankfully that question’s an easy one: yes!  Not only will it help increase your profitability, but it also allows you to provide your shoppers with an exceptional customer experience.  

“But how do I begin to design a jaw-droppingly amazing loyalty program?”  Never fear - I’ve got you covered.  Here are three simple things you can do to design the best loyalty program ever:

1. A creative program name and currency

Your knee jerk reaction might be to call your program “The Best Loyalty Program Ever” and your currency “Loyalty Points”, however I would highly encourage you to think outside the box.  Your program’s name is going to set the tone for your entire loyalty experience, so put a little creativity into it!

A great way to do this is to choose an emotion that you want your customers to experience.  For example, if you’re selling supplements you might go with something like power or victory because those words are easily related to your product and your customers’ interests.

Your currency name goes hand-in-hand with your program’s title.  Calling them “loyalty points” isn’t going to excite your customers and make them want to participate, whereas a clever name will intrigue them and make them want to find out more.  There are a whole bunch of excellent examples out there if you’re looking for some inspiration.

2. Provide multiple ways to earn rewards

Once you’ve chosen the perfect name for your program, you have to decide how your customers are going to earn rewards.  The key concept here is choice.  People are more likely to participate in a program that gives them many opportunities to earn points because it demonstrates a higher value to them as a customer.

Luckily for you, there’s a variety of ways you can do this: why not reward your customers for joining your program or subscribing to your newsletter?  You can also give your customers points for sharing your products on social media or referring their friends, or randomly surprise them with birthday points.  There’s no limit to the ways you can delight your shoppers and exceed their expectations!

3. Promote your program

Now that you’ve established your program’s structure, be sure to promote it. Awareness is key to getting your customers engaged, and social media is an excellent way to spread the word.  Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat give you the opportunity to connect with millions of potential customers and allow you to develop ongoing marketing campaigns.

You should also consider promoting your program in stages.  This allows you to clearly explain and demonstrate the merits of your program without overwhelming your customers with information.  Accompanying this strategy with tools like a program explainer page and advertisements on your home and product pages will ensure your best customers learn about your program and get involved.

Recipe for Success

Understanding your customers’ desire for outstanding experiences and a personalized loyalty experience will ensure you exceed their needs with every purchase.  With these three simple tips in mind, you are well on your way to providing your customers with an unforgettable loyalty experience.

About Sweet Tooth: Sweet Tooth is a Shopify app that allows you to create your own branded loyalty/rewards program.




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