New and Improved Support Pricing for Shopify Store Owners

When we first started Carson, our goal was to help new and growing store owners get easier access to reliable help without breaking the bank.

In a year we've supported more 1600 Shopify store owners, we've helped 190 on subscription plans and the rest with single jobs. That experience was priceless in understanding the core support issues and gaps created in the growing Shopify ecosystem. As such, we've continuously iterated our pricing to match the needs of store owners. 

Check out our all new pricing here! With our monthly plans now starting at $99/month.

Our Shopify expert help service has become the leading complimentary support channel above what Shopify offers through it's official channels with Support GURU's and Shopify Plus account managers. We've also become an extension to many theme and app developer's support teams. That has proven to be the main driver of our business. We are thankful to all our partners that have helped us grow.

Today, I want to announce a revised pricing structure that will help us continue to deliver an amazing and unique support off in the Shopify ecosystem. We had a ton of success with single job customers for a couple reasons. Our $49/single job, no minimum, has been ridiculously successful.

The first obvious reason for our traction is the price point. Being able to offer an expert level service at that price, in a pool of experts charging $80-$120, with North American and European developers, is unheard of. We can do this because we are a distributed team, overhead is lower and my core skill as a founder is hiring, training and keeping A-players. Another reason for our success was that we delivered on our promise remarkably. This created repeat customer and fed more Shopify store owners into our subscription plans. 

These small single Shopify jobs provided us with experience to streamline our offer. 

I've had over 100 one-on-one phone conversations with Shopify store owners. I felt their issues and deepest concerns, and was given a window into real support challenges with a platform that is promote as ''Do it yourself''. 

Our new pricing plans are designed bases on all this work and feedback. There are obvious limitations to what we do and our main challenge continues to be defining what a ''SMALL JOB'' actually is for new customers and subscribers.

Our plans will also focus exclusively on helping store owners that have already taken steps to help themselves and are live with their store. We will always have options and recommendations for entrepreneurs in their setup/pre-launch phase, but we will not be accepting new subscribers without a live store. 

Check out our new price plans and get on board if you're looking to get rolling on small changes OR if you just need a valuable resource for best practices and app recommendations.

We will continue to help Shopify stores focus their efforts on more important things and hand off theme and app tinkering to us. The same way you outsource your bookkeeping, you should outsource theme and store fixes to Carson. 

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