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This Week in eCommerce: Top 10 Shopify Apps, Theme Updater, Ultimate Shopify Checklist and Shopify Traffic Videos


Getting ready to chill-out? Just so you know, we didn't forget our favorite weekly pics. We are again bringing you all the latest in the Shopify world.

Why Your Shopify Business Should Take Messaging Seriously

A guest article by Jared Husch, COO at LiveNinja. LiveNinja offers the 3 most important messaging channels you'll need to stay connected with your customers, all in one dashboard: SMS, live chat, and Facebook Messenger. 

This Week in eCommerce: Facebook Messenger, Shopify Theme Development articles and Shopify & You latest ebook edition


The hard work is done! It's time to sit back and relax while we bring you only the latest and the hottest in the eCommerce world. Yes, we're back with our favorite weekly picks!

3 Tedious Dropshipping Tasks You Should Be Automating

A guest article by ecomdash team. Ecomdash was designed from the ground up to save time, improve profit margins and optimize inventory control.

4 Ways to Level-up Your Customers' Holiday Shopping Experience

A guest post by Imagination Media team. Imagination Media is a service agency that provides opportunities for cutting-edge innovation and customization for all of their partners (not customers).

Easily figure out what works: experiment!

A guest article by Jean Le Clerc for Experimentoran app developed for AB testing on Shopify.

4 Habits Of Effective Mobile Apps

A guest article by NexusMedia team. Nexusmedia is a small team of professionals with a main passion of developing Shopify apps and  eCommerce mobile applications.

A Shopify User's Guide to Optimizing Conversions

A guest article by Meredith Boll a marketing consultant at Glew, an eCommerce analytics software provider, where she focuses on helping online stores understand and act on their data.

Sales Fatigue! How to Improve Engagement and Conversion with Gamified Marketing

Guest article by Daniel McGuire, CEO of Skinnyprice. Skinnyprice is the creator of Gamify, an app on Shopify, that helps improves CTR, engagement and conversions. 

5 Sales Tax Basics for Shopify Sellers

A guest article by Jennifer Dunn of TaxJar. TaxJar is trusted by more than 5,000 businesses to collect, report and file sales tax returns. 

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