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This Week in eCommerce: Shopify Now Available in Woopra, Defining Your Audience with Target Marketing, and Shopify 45-Day Free Trial for Kickstarter Creators


How do you see your business five years from now? Staying focused on your goals can be difficult at times when motivation starts to wane. Don’t be afraid of failure, but don't allow it to get you stuck and stagnant. Your only way to win is to keep pushing and moving forward.

We love to bring you closer to the eCommerce world, by sharing interesting topics, we bet you'll like.

Zero Orders or 5,000 Per Month: Get Discounted Shipping Rates with Ease!

A guest article by ShipsALot, an order fulfillment and warehousing solution for online retailers. Save time and money by increasing order accuracy and ship time by outsourcing your fulfillment to their state of the art facility.

3 Strategies to Empower Shopify Cart Page - Your Best Shot to Sell and Close Sales

A guest article by the Beeketing team, a powerful marketing automation platform to help Shopify stores improve conversion rate and boost online sales.

This Week in eCommerce: Iteration is not design, White Hat SEO Tactics, and the Trouble with Automation

We came across a few topics that are eCommerce related. We hope these somehow contribute to what you are trying to achieve for your business.


5 Ways to Differentiate Your Digital Storefront Using Metafields

A guest article by Metafields Manager team. Metafields Manager is the best way to create & manage extra data on your Shopify store.

Show the Right Products to Your Customers to Maximize Conversions

A guest article by the Metisa team. Metisa converts your eCommerce data to sales using smart recommendations and lifecycle marketing emails.

But First, What's Your Unique Selling Point?

Setting up a Shopify store can become expensive when you factor in purchasing and customizing themes, contracting coders and designers, elevating your SEO, marketing efforts, and investing in your product or service that you are selling. If you find yourself constantly increasing your marketing budget, and investing more money into upgrading your Shopify store than anticipated in hopes of increasing sales, it’s a sign you probably haven’t yet figured out your unique selling point, or unique selling proposition (USP).

This Week in eCommerce: Overhaul Your Retention Strategy, Ruthless Prioritization, and a Few Ways to Use the Testimonial Section in Your Shopify Theme

We've gathered together a few of the latest happenings in the eCommerce world. We've got: how to overhaul your retention strategy, ruthless prioritization, and ways to use the testimonial section in your Shopify theme.


How to sell your Amazon products on Shopify

A guest article by the ByteStand team. ByteStand app syncs your inventory from Amazon to Shopify. It simplifies the proces

8 Things To Consider When Upgrading Your Shopify Theme

You may be thinking about upgrading your Shopify theme to keep up with current trends, but there are a few things to consider before you get started.

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