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Grow your Shopify business by translating your e-shop

A guest article by the Weglot team, developer of the Weglot Appa powerful translation service to easily display your website in any languages.

This Week in eCommerce: Latest Trends in Social Media, Tips for Better Product Descriptions and Research about Purchases using Phones

For this week, we've got: Trends in Social Media for 2017, Interesting Stats about Purchases Using Phones and Essential Pieces Of Advice For Better Product Descriptions

Well-Said: Five Essential Pieces Of Advice For Better Product Descriptions (And Why They Matter)

A guest article by Christina Coons, a professional digital marketer at Northcutt, an inbound marketing agency. She specializes in eCommerce, social media, and public relations, and spends her days helping brands succeed online.

How to Never Work Again

A guest article by Aaron Bowen, at ifshop. ifshop is a tool that watches for and responds to events in real time, so you can focus your energy on being the heart of your business.

Advertise with Google AdWords in 7 easy steps!

There’s getting traffic, and then there’s getting targeted traffic. Targeted traffic means that the traffic you’re driving to your store will have a purchase intent which will result in a higher conversion rate. The best way to get highly targeted traffic, is by running Google AdWords ads. But isn’t AdWords difficult to manage?

This Week in eCommerce: Visual content marketing statistics you should know and newest Shopify theme feature


How's the start of 2017 for you? We're happy to bring to you our first weekly picks for this year. We've rounded up a few helpful topics just for you.

How to leverage Instagram to drive eCommerce sales!

A guest article by Summit D, co-founder of Incent Social. Incent Social is a lightweight Instagram marketing suite designed to bring the power of user generated content and social engagement to your Shopify store.

This Week in eCommerce: The best of Shopify Masters, people you should follow in 2017 and mobile app maker

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year! Allow us to end the year 2016 with the latest topics in the Shopify world.

This Week in eCommerce: How to get the happiest customers for your store, proven statistics to help increase sales and Shopify average order value


Getting ready for the holidays? Before the celebration begins, we are bringing you again the latest in the eCommerce world.

Facebook Pixel Advanced Matching

A guest article by Flightplan team. They automate dynamic product ad configurations and help increase your conversions.

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