Introducing Shlack – Where Shopify Meets Slack

Introducing Shlack – Where Shopify Meets Slack

Shopify and Slack are both path-breaking products in their domains. While Shopify is the most versatile e-commerce solution, Slack is a preeminent tool for team messaging and collaboration. Now, we are absolutely thrilled to announce the Public Beta version of the Shlack Shopify app which integrates Shopify store with Slack.

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Who is this app for?

Shlack is for everyone selling on Shopify. However, to use it, you must be on Slack. Now, to run your store if you work in a team or with freelancers, Slack can be a game changer for your Shopify business. Slack makes it utterly easy to collaborate with others for any kind of work.

What can you do with Shlack?

The primary goal of this app is to help Shopify sellers to manage all Store management tasks inside Slack.

Shlack has begun it’s public beta phase from 1st March 2018. Every public beta testers will be given FREE access forever to all the features.

This free app lets you look up products, inventory, customers, and more directly from your Slack channel.

Want new order notifications? You can [optionally] enable those too.

You can even query your Shopify store for individual or list style results.

Here are some of the Slash commands you can use now.

Basic commands

/store customer ryan → search for customers named Ryan

fetch Shopify customer details in slack with Shlack app

Fetch customer details right inside Slack

/store order #41852 → retrieve order with ID ‘41852’ (hashtag optional)

fetch order details from Shopify store to slack with Shlack

Fetch order details with order ID in Slack

/store product {{ title }} → retrieve product by title (partial title OK)
/store inventory {{ title }} → retrieve inventory quantity by product title

Advanced commands

/store report {{ object }} {{ period }} → example: /store report sales today
/store customer-list chris → list all customers with ‘chris’ in their name
/store product-list-5 butter → list up to 5 products that match ‘butter’

With Shlack, it’s much easier to provide faster customer support as you can skip logging into your Shopify dashboard just to look up a customer, product, or order. You can easily fetch all the necessary details with a Slash command right inside Slack.

What’s in store?

In the next update, we’re adding “two-way” interactions, including:

i) Ability to mark a product “sold out”.

ii) Ability to capture a charge or refund a customer’s payment.

iii) App integrations so that you can connect your favourite apps and manage them directly from your Slack team.

iv) More Slash commands.

Have any idea or suggestion for Shlack? Please drop us an email at, we will love to hear from you.